Be Careful When Wrapping Items to be Stored in Self Storage So That They Are Not Easily Damaged

Moving glassware is indeed very risky. Especially when you will move to a new home. Your kitchen utensils and meals may consist of items that are easily broken so you have to be careful in wrapping them. Including when you decide to temporarily store items in storage places, you still have to be careful in wrapping them. Try to put items in a cardboard box so that you can easily arrange them in storage places. In addition to saving rental space, the company will not be responsible if the damaged item is caused by yourself.

Rupture of items can be caused by several things such as strong pressure on the object, hard shocks or friction with other objects. To avoid this, we provide the following tips on wrapping fragile items:

– Use Double Wall Cardboard
During the transfer process, you will never know what will happen to your item. Especially if you decide to rent a housewarming service. That person is not necessarily aware of the items you have. It could be that your item is crushed or slammed when moved. Therefore, use a strong double wall cardboard to minimize damage when moving house.

– Use the H-Taping Method
Before you put the items in a cardboard box, you must glue the bottom of the cardboard first. Tape the cardboard connection parts with tape to form the letter “H”. After that, turn the cardboard over and put the items in, then glue the top of the cardboard in the same way.

– Types of Tape Used Effectively
Each box will be glued with tape, use the right type of tape so that the package is not easily open when shipping. Use tape used specifically for packing. Avoid using masking tape or ropes for packing because it is easy to open and can be caught during the shipping process.

– Use Two Boxes
Sometimes one box is not enough for fragile or fragile items. Using a method to insert boxes into other boxes provides double protection. Use foam as a fill in the empty space between boxes to prevent the box inside shifting.

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