Why Is Regular AirCon Service Important?

Do you ever see or feel that your air conditioner is so dirty? What do you feel? the thing that most feels is the air conditioner feels less cold, worse than that is the air in the room becomes unhealthy, you know that the filter on the air conditioner filter air dirty and dust in the room, dust on the filter will continue to accumulate in accordance with the duration of the AC is turned on , if the filter is very dirty and we do not immediately clean it then it is certain that filter function that should filter dirty air to be not working as it should, if the filter is not able to filter again, then the dirt will be attached to the inner eupapurator pipe AC, and this is what causes the AC less / not cold, dirt attached to the eupapurator also often turns into like moss and falling down drain AC, causing the closed drainage and causing water leaking on indoor AC unit. If you want to ensure that everything related to the use and work of air conditioning system will work well, then you have more reason for aircon servicing.

Often, AC users ignore the suggestion to wash the AC at least 3 months, but when buying a new ac is clearly written that we really recommended doing regular service 3 or 6 months, in addition to health benefits you will also get other benefits when you do AC service routine, your air conditioner will look clean, cool, well maintained, and certainly more durable, other benefits are in terms of electricity, in the state of clean AC power usage is not too large, otherwise in AC condition dirty air conditioning is also increasingly heavy and cause wasteful on electricity. Taking regular aircon servicing for its cleaning and maintenance is a great investment, unfortunately, many individuals skip it.