This is a wise way to be assertive when diagnosed with an illness

When you are diagnosed with a dangerous disease, usually the family will really think about your situation and not even make you more depressed. To deal with the diagnosis that you are receiving, it is necessary to have a strong and psychic mentality that is not easily shaken. One that can help you deal with it is Robert Cole M.D.

When your family starts giving opinions and doesn’t even make you even more depressed. So, it’s time for you to be firm but still respect their opinions. If the family still insists on opposing your decision, don’t feel compelled to grant his request. Remember that those who are sick and will undergo treatment are yourself, not family.
Tell them carefully that you value their suggestions and will continue to undergo treatment according to your decision even though it is different from what they suggest. You also don’t need to explain in detail about the type of treatment you choose. This will only prolong the debate and trigger conflict between families.