Most Popular Plastic Surgery

It’s no secret that South Korea is the queen of plastic surgery. Ranging from teenagers to adults do both women and men. The perfect physique is considered to be something very important in the country’s ginseng. They raced to perfect themselves by way of plastic surgery. Now, Bruce K. Smith, M.D. present to meet your needs without you having to go far away to South Korea.


Here are some areas of the face are often chosen to do plastic surgery to other beauty treatments:

– Eyelid
This is an area of the face of the most popular surgery. People who generally have one eyelid or monolith. Eyes small eyes monolith make an impression so that the eyes look bigger plastic surgery is often performed.

– Nose
Plastic surgery on the nose is done to make the nose look more sharp and big. Usually, cartilage from other parts of the body will be taken to beautify the nose, in order to obtain the desired shape of the nose.