These Three Divisions Must Be In A Startup Company


Having the right business idea is an opportunity for you to develop the business. Many people finally choose to open their own business because of increasing their income. In fact, many of them took part in the training first so that their business could develop properly. NLP training London can help you train your business skills.

At present, one of the most popular businesses is a startup. Many young children finally choose this business to be independent. However, it turns out there are several people who must be in the startup business.

1. Marketing manager
The marketing manager has a duty and a big role in increasing the profits and profits earned by your business. So the marketing manager has the same target as the goal of opening the startup business that is to get the maximum profit.
In addition, marketing managers also need to know about how to improve the quality of products offered by your business, expand market share and also obtain short-term profits.

2. Front-end engineer
Of course, when you are just starting a startup business you still have limited resources, there are even a few jobs that you do at once. However, if you are not able to do work like programming, then you need to recruit new people, namely a “front-end engineer” who has the ability and experience in programming. People of this type focus on determining the appearance and theme of an interesting and interactive web decoration so that it attracts anyone to visit your startup business website.

3. Back-end engineer
A “back-end engineer” here has a role in regulating the working mechanism. In addition, this type of person is obliged to form a system, from the formation of “hosting” to the translation of codes into technical language. After that, he can provide the best solution for creating technology that is needed by your startup business.

If you have the above capabilities, then you can open a startup business by yourself and recruit several people with the required abilities.