Classical Music and Its Benefits

There is no doubt that music can awaken our emotions in a unique way. Research shows that music not only helps us deal with pain, music can also benefit our physical and mental health in various other ways. One of the most popular music genres is classical music. Classical music can affect anyone who listens to it, this music can evoke feelings, improve brain function, and mood. For those of you who want to listen to classical music in a unique way, you can buy ballerina music boxes.

In various studies, the benefits of classical music do affect a lot of life. The following is a complete review.

1. Increase physiological response

When listening to classical music, will increase blood flow to the brain area, activating autonomic, cognitive, and emotional centers. In addition, the brain releases dopamine, a chemical that affects the mood and the ability to feel pleasure. A study states that the benefits of listening to classical music have implications for our understanding of disorders such as bipolarity, schizophrenia, and depression.

2. Increased IQ

A study shows that children who take music lessons show a general increase in IQ. A study shows that listening to classical music can encourage babies in the womb to learn to distinguish different types of sounds and help their auditory memory.

3. Reducing the risk of epilepsy

A study shows that classical music can provide benefits for some epileptic patients. The investigation showed a significant improvement in the condition with a decrease in seizure duration after listening to classical music.

4. Increase visual attention

In a small study shows that the benefits of classical music can increase the visual attention of patients with stroke.

5. Reduces postoperative pain

A team from the UK showed amazing results by reducing the dose of opiates given to people after gastric surgery with a stable dose of classical music. Another study in the Journal for Advanced Nursing showed that classical music can reduce chronic pain.