Recognize Some of the Causes of Short-Term Diarrhea You Feel

Diarrhea certainly becomes a disease that must be avoided because it will adversely affect your health and your comfort. So, you also need to know that there are several causes of diarrhea that must be avoided very well . Besides having to know the cause of diarrhea, you also need to know cara mengatasi diare.

There are several reasons why a person often suffers from diarrhea. Some of the most common causes felt by some people for short-term illness, the cause of diarrhea are:

– At most, diarrheal diseases are caused by bacterial infections. Bacterial infections that can also cause food poisoning (Campylobacter, Clostridium difficile, Escherichia coli, salmonella, and Shigella)
– Appendicitis
– Food allergies can also be a cause of diarrhea
– Damage to the intestinal lining due to radiotherapy
– Psychological problems (eg anxiety disorders)
– Foods that contain artificial sweeteners
– Viral infections (rotavirus and norovirus) are other causes of diarrhea
– Parasite Giardia intestinalis

Of all these cases, you must know which causes are very influential on diarrhea that you experience so that you can overcome them in the right way.