This Is the Risk of Plastic Surgery in Diabetes Patients

Whatever type of plastic surgery you are going to live, you will certainly be at risk. whether it’s a big enough risk or a small risk that doesn’t affect your life a lot. So, many people advise you to always come to the surgeon and the right place. One of the things you can go to is Washington State Plastic Surgery.

many do not know that the risk of plastic surgery will increase if the operation is carried out by someone who has diabetes. This is because diabetic patients with very high blood sugar levels (more than 200 mg/dl) tend to experience surgical wound complications that are difficult to heal after surgery.
Reopening suture wounds / surgical incisions occurs in 44 percent of diabetic patients with blood sugar levels above 200 mg/dl. Meanwhile, people who have normal blood sugar levels (around 100 mg/dl or blood sugar when 140 mg/dl) only have a risk of about 19 percent.