Factors that make a vaporizer explodes


The cause of the vapor exploded very much. This is due to the many components of the vapor. Then what are some things that can cause the vapor to explode? Let’s see the following review. Aside from that, you might need to know how to Turn Wax into E Liquid  as well.

Mod type

Mod is the riskiest part of a vapor, this is because the mod is the part that has electrical components and also the energy source used to turn on the vapor. This causes this section to be the most dangerous part of the vapor. Therefore, when you are going to buy a mod, you cannot just buy it.

To buy a mod for vapor, make sure that the mod you choose is a quality mod. The quality of the mod you choose can be seen from the popular mod brand. The mod price that you can get from a clear mod brand is a bit more expensive, but you can get a better mod quality that prevents you from accidents like the exploding vapor.

Usage error

One of the things that often causes a vapor to explode is due to misuse. Those who do not want to seek information on the correct use of vapor often make mistakes when using the vapor. Errors in using this vapor can be one of the things that have a very bad impact. Therefore, make sure you seek knowledge as broadly as possible when using this vapor or electric cigarette. Charge too long

The Vapor operates using power, therefore before using the vapor you need to charge. When you are charging, make sure the time you use is not too long. Doing charging too long can cause the battery to feel hot. The hotter the battery, the more likely the battery is damaged. This can be a dangerous activity for you and your vapor because this can cause the vapor to explode.

The battery is not suitable

In addition to charging too long, the use of a battery for a vapor that is not suitable can also cause the vapor to be damaged until it explodes. Especially for vapor types Meka / Mechanical. Be smart to ask what vapor battery seller is suitable and safe for their vapor.