How to Choose the Bar Stools Kitchen Island


The best bar stools for kitchen island is the product homeowners what to see at their kitchen. Unfortunately, each product available out there comes with different quality. That’s why you must ensure that the price won’t be the single consideration factors you keep in mind whenever you go to make the purchase.

Why do you decide to have bar stools for your kitchen while there are bulk choices of kitchen furniture? Do you want to choose the one based on your kitchen design? Or you may want to create something different in the kitchen area.

Your home kitchen is equipped with an island table or bar table for breakfast? If so, that means the bench is absolutely needed. To be comfortable when sitting to eat a meal, make sure you choose the bench properly. Here are tips and guidelines in choosing the right bench for 3 dining areas in the kitchen.

Calculate Amount

Next, don’t forget to measure the length of the table to determine how many seats you need. Stand the bench that is 40-45 cm wide, requiring a width of 53-55 cm. While the bench with a seat width of 48-55 cm, it needs a space of 60-63 cm. Just divide the length of the table with this size benchmark, then you can get the number of stools needed.

According to the needs

In choosing the model, type, or type of bench you want, adjust to the needs and conditions of the kitchen. If the space left to place the bench is not too wide, then the bench without backrest is the right choice. However, if you like to sit for a long time or often entertain guests visiting the kitchen area, then choose the type of bench that is comfortably occupied. A bench with a wide holder and back or hand rests will feel reluctant to stand up.